What's History

That which used to be new but is now over a couple of months old.


I have created a web-store for "action & adventure gear," as I call it. Sharp-eyed readers will have noticed the link just up the page to the Outlands Emporium. I've just started working on it, so keep watch because new merchandise will be added frequently. If you look through the catalog and don't see something you want, email me and I'll do my best to locate it for you.

I'm mentally rehersing a major overhaul of the entire site. Yes, I realize some of you are saying, "We've heard you saying that for months - YEARS even! - but we'll believe it when we SEE it!" Well, it *will* happen. Too many things are starting to "break down" on the site, viewers are reporting issues with Tripod's pop-ups, and I have a ton of new material and affiliates to add. So here's your chance! If there is something about the Outlands Webstead you'd like to see changed, email me! No promises, but I *will* consider any and all suggestions.

Hope you are having a great summer!


I am still working to get all the solar-cooking files uploaded and properly accessible. In the meantime, check out the new addition in the Garden! Harvey F. kindly allowed me to host his plans for PVC row-covers. You can check them out by following the Homestead link below, the take the "Outlands Homestead" link, and go to the Garden.

Thanks, Harvey!


Another year gone by with little in the way of updates other than ads. Well, this weekend will change all that! First up, the National Goat Handbook is now available right here - follow the Homesteading link below and then take the "Outlands Homestead" and the "Barn" links to get to the .PDF.

I also have a large collection of plans and recipies for solar cooking, thanks to a friend with some extra time on his hands. I'll be getting them posted as I can get to them over the weekend. They will be accessible from the "Kitchen" - follow the Homesteading link below and then take the "Outlands Homestead" and the "Kitchen" links to get to them.


Many thanks to my sharp-eyed reader who sent in the new/correct url to the Frugal Squirrel's forum! I've fixed that link now.

Are you busily printing out all the info you've gleaned from here and from other sites I've pointed you at? You probably need to consider the ink cartridges in your printer. I know *I* have had to replace my own black-ink cart just a couple of weeks ago. And *now* LdyHerbs tells me our color carts are getting low, too! 123inkjets.com is having a March Madness sale that includes free gifts and free shipping (if you live in the "Lower 48" anyway). They have a 90-day no questions asked guarantee - replace or refund your $ - and a 1-year quality guarantee - replace your carts. Check out their site via the banner-ad below and help support The Outlands!


If you've been watching the site, you've seen a number of new advertisements popping up. These ads actually earn money every time you order by clickong on a link. It doesn't make *much* money, mind you! However, I feel putting these links up - to companies I have either ordered from personally or ones that I have heard *many* good things about - serves to help my viewers by providing you direct access to the products you need as well as creating a *tiny* return on the hours I spend on the Outlands.

All that said, I've found a *new* affiliate in the program - the National Gardening Association. They have an online store, an electronic newsletter, incredibly helpful pages, and just loads of useful gardening resources. Today, I am showcasing on of their pages - Kids and Gardening. You can find this well-done page linked from the Outlands Gardening page (look for the Garden by following the Homesteading -> Outlands Homestead path...). I think you will enjoy it - and I think your *kids* will enjoy it, as well!


Ouch! The popular response to my posting NWSS on the Outlands lead to this site exceeding its bandwith allowance and being suspended - twice?!? This means people couldn't get through to get the information they needed. I've taken steps to hopefully reduce the likelyhood of *that* happening again - but I guess we'll have to wait and see. I've gotten some nice feedback from visitors and let me say I'm glad I can be of service. All I ask in return is to share my URL with friends and family and, if you are going to shop my sponsors anyway, please shop them through links here on the Outlands. Maybe then I can afford to pay for hosting and get more bandwidth!


Thanks to the kind permission from the folks at OISM and a fellow TB2K poster, Cresson Kearny's vital book, Nuclear War Survival Skills is now available here in a single-file-download form via a self-extracting file. Visit the Survival page for the link.


I've added two new affiliates for viewers to shop at, thus helping to support the Outlands. I've also added a new page on how to make your own colloidal silver generator - check out the Alternative Health - Silver page!


Man, I need to work on a major site update! I did make a minor one today. I was gently reminded that I had asked permission to make use of a really neat idea for a backyard pond. Well, I added a link to the article in "The Barn" under the "Animal Pages" section. Excellent idea and one I need to put to use now that I actually have land to do it on!


Unbelievable!!! Another update!!!

Affairs of the Hearth is now available! Ok, I had to go to Delphi Forums to do it, but it got done. This is a message board with categories grouped roughly along the lines of the Outlands categories. Please contribute and become a part of the Outlands community! You *will* have to register to post, but that is fairly painless. I also "reserved" the "Rants and Essays" section for myself - registered posters can respond to my rants, but only I can start new rants. Ah, vanity...


Three new illustrated articles are available for us "low-budget" homesteaders.

Wow! Two updates in one month - will wonders never cease?!? You never can tell what may be coming next...


Download an avi-file of a Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (MEG) being tested by TB2K stalwart and techno-junkie OddOne - I have to right-click on the link and select "Save Target As" to download the file. You need codec to view it - download the free version of DivX.



We got land! For a look at "walk-around" pics of our new property, go to Day 1. I don't have an explanation/index page yet, but you can at least start looking at what we've got to work with.



What the heck happened to 2000? I looked around and there was nothing left of "the Year of Fear" except memories.

Today's updates include:


Updates on Christmas Eve??!?? How about that?

corrected some information on "Sandra's Apothecary" page (located in the Emporium area)
added three new files of firearms info to the Armory page:

I've seen the traffic to the Outlands make a radical jump in the past few days. If you are a new- (or relatively new-) comer to the Outlands, welcome! It is nice to see new folks discovering my labor of love. Hopefully, you'll find the site useful enough to bookmark it and return on a regular basis. If you are an "old hand" here at the Outlands, let me express my appreciation to you. Even on days that see only 2 visitors, I know someone is checking. Spread the word!


rearranged the Homestead page, dropping some links and adding a new one
added a .pdf, "The Small Laying Flock," to the Barn
added several .pdf's on home canning and drying to the Harvest Time page

Some of you know I have dozens of floppy disks *full* of data slated for posting to the Outlands. If you *didn't* know, you do now. So, for those wondering about my getting new material posted, you can be assured that I *am* working on it. The update above is proof of that. Keep watch - more is coming!


Well, after being inexplicably locked out of my Tripod account for 6 months, including a total loss of uploaded material, the folks at Tripod have reconnected my account. I'm still reuploading material (gotta love those backup disks), so bear with me as I get everything back up to working shape. As I go, I'm revamping some of The Outlands' look, as well, starting with this very page. Since Tripod has decided it will display ad-banners on all members' pages, and you can't even pay to get rid of them any more, the need for a "lobby" page is gone - the Nav-Center is gonna get stuck with a banner no matter what. If you see something messed up (other than a graphic right now), please let me know!


Has it really been a year since I made any sort of update? Well, a year since I've admitted to making any updates. Well, this time around, all the updates are in the "Gaming" realm.

Even if you aren't a fantasy gamer, I'd encourage you to drop by the Wizard pages and check out the awesome layout I put together. I'm rather proud of it.

The Outlands won another award. In case you lost count, we're up to *THREE* now! YAY!

The guestbook disappeared. I've no clue where it went - I tried to look through it and got a "nonexistant guestbook" error message. I've also made the banner-exchange thing go away. It never did me any good, so it gets the ax. So that all leads to a little tidying up on the front page.

I've no idea what's next in the update queue - I tend to work on whatever strikes my fancy. Keep yer eyes open - I could take us all by surprise!


Well, I've done it again - I've updated The Outlands. What to look for:

Stay tuned, there's always more coming!


Surely, you eagle-eye viewers have spotted the first addition, the Y2K-Homestead FAQ Files, but that's not all!

There's lots more to come (soon, I hope!), so stay tuned!


The updates this time are centered around fixing some small problems and expanding the Star Wars Gaming page.

There's plenty more to come - hopefully over the Christmas Holidays - so stay tuned!


Oh, my. If you haven't stopped by recently, you have missed out. If you stopped by yesterday, you are in for a treat! Look at the new stuff:

Well, this pretty well covered the "and much more!" mentioned in this space last time. I've been dealing with a spotty connection to the 'net, so I've not been able to spend time looking into the affiliate programs nor the auto-update system. Hang in there, I've not given up on those.


Minor addition: I'm listing The Outlands with Tripod's "Banner Exchange" program in an effort to start getting more exposure for the 'site. Once I get a few certain more things up on the 'site, I'll be listing The Outlands with search engines. For now, I'm seeing about 20 hits daily just from word of mouth. Not bad.

On a related note, if you would like to set up a link to The Outlands on your 'site and would like to display my neat little banner, you can find it right here where you can copy it and add it to your site.

Things to look for on The Outlands in the near future:

So stay tuned for developments.


Happy 6th anniversary to us!!!!

Ok, with that said - big changes!! First - three index pages have new traffic-checking icons thanks to Tripod. Then, I've made some tremendous additions! Check them out:

Great stuff with more to come! Don't see something you are interested in? Just ask - I'll see what I can do about getting something up for you.


Wow! A whole 5 months since I updated this site. I've been busy gathering new source material, so a major revision is in the works. I've made a few minor changes in some of the sections, a few links to other sites, and I am opening the Homestead section! No, there isn't a whole lot there right now, but that's because I've been so busy gathering new material that I haven't had time to code it all! For new links alone, I have accumulated nearly 500! They are all being weeded and sorted so that you receive only the very best. More as things develop!


Ok, now that my isp decided to cooperate (at least for a few minutes), I've been able to add some updates. The Gaming page is now functional! So far, only the Star Wars area is active, but that will change soon. Due to my isp getting snotty during my attempt to improve the belt-kit page, that page is currently non-functional. I've moved all the "What's New!" entries that are 2 months old off to their own page. I've added a guestbook - please sign it at least once!


Wow! A whole month since my last update! I've added three new pages in the Survival section - "Bugging-out," "Water Purification," and the forever under-construction "Belt-kit" is now up! I'm still working on the homestead section, hoping to open it as a full section rather than piece-meal, so hang in there.


I've added an acknowledgements page here at the front. This is where I say "Thank You" to my contributors and where I will put various banners, etc for sites I use material from. The Armory gets a new page on why semi's are better than bolt-actions in an End of the World setting and Survival has an article on caching. I'm *still* working on getting homestead info compiled for posting. I want to have plenty of info for viewers to look over when it is open, so I'm holding off until it's all ready to go.


"Freedom's Last Stand" has been added to The Armory. It is an excellent essay on why we should be an armed society.


The empty "skills" link from the Survival page has been fixed. I've also added a new link to a description of what a long-range patrol member would carry.

Two new pages have been added to the Alternative Health section - Relaxation/Meditation Techniques and Gastro-Intestinal Disorders.


The Homeschooling section is now open for viewing. There is a host of links to different sites of value to Homeschoolers. If you are interested in home-based education, take a look.

I've added a page in the General Survival section on preparedness planning for families and groups.


Well, shoot! Right now, the whole site is new. I've got a lot of things yet to be added to the site. Generally, I try to get new stuff up by Tuesday morning - meaning I work on it throughout the week as I can grab the time, then over the weekend I upload it all furiously and go back through it checking it for visual impact and functionality. This weekend, I spent my time organizing a large collection of text files into categories. Now I can start the process of editing them to remove various email headers and such so I can get them posted. WATCH THIS SPACE for further developments!