Storage Food

This page is primarily designed for those "survivalists" who are planning a "retreat" which they are stocking. I would also maintain that a "working homestead," one already producing plenty of food for its occupants, should consider adding a "storage food package" to the pantry as insurance against a "bad year" - just in case. Plus, having the extra food on hand helps if other family members suddenly shows up due to a catastrophe in their area.

When designing a food-storage program, take into account the amount of calories provided by each food item and the amount of calories needed by your body. Homesteading is not a sedentary lifestyle.

The Preparedness Pantry - some sample charts of how much to store per person
Preparedness Pantry #2 - another example pantry for a family
Rock-Bottom Basic Food Storage - nutritional info on a minimal food storage pantry
$5 Dollar Food Storage - how to spend $5 a week to stock your pantry
Pantry Goals - a sample timeline for stocking your pantry
Pantry Tips - hints and tips for designing your personal pantry

Pantry Providers - where you can buy ready-to-store food for your pantry
Be Prepared
World-Wide Mall Foodstore
Going Home
The Egg Store
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