From: Ellen

I had this initially from someone. Sorry, I don't know who.

By the way, those of you with children; keep in mind that as they approach being teens, they actually often consume more than an adult. Also, hard physical labor, which goes along with Y2k, will result in most people probably eating MORE than what you do now.

Also, if you think of the "Strive for 5" for health campaign (veggies and fruits), you may want to think about this when storing---realizing that dehydrated stuff weighs nowhere near what canned goods or fresh weigh.

I have upped the legume storage and the whole grain (of all kinds but especially wheat) for our own stores by quite a lot. I have added seed (alfalfa, etc.) for sprouting (for fresh veggies anytime) at the rate of 10-15 lbs per person per year. These three types of items store indefinitely with proper packaging and will extend our food stores incredibly for either longer term or more people or just in case of garden failure.

I am storing large amounts of garden seed.

Also supplies to make the easy cheeses (ricotta-like cottage cheese; mozzarella).

Peanut butter I am limiting.

I am buying many packaged foods, too; more than what we generally eat, and some MRE entrees only---because others plan to be with us, and these are similar to how they currently eat; and I want them to have the opportunity to switch their gastrointestinal tracts to a more whole foods diet slowly so they don't get sick.

Finally, I am adding more fun foods to keep morale up---hot chocolate, coffee for certain people who will be with us, candy, packaged puddings; not a huge amount, just more choices.

I also agree with MAMATURTLE; if you are planning to store different things from what you eat regularly, the time to switch over your diets is now and SLOWLY. No one needs to add to the stress of what will already be happening.


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