General Survival

Threat Assessment FAQ - 1, 2, 3, 4 ... what are we preparing for?
Home Preparedness Quiz - is your home ready to take on a short-term disaster?
Group Planning - my suggestions for preparedness planning
Survival Skills - outline of skills useful in survival situations
Belt Kit - your charge-card for survival; don't leave home without it
72-Hour/Evacuation Kit - a more extensive short-term kit
Long-Range Patrol Load - extensive combat gear list
Caching - head up, assets in the ground - not vice versa!
The Cache - the assets you should cover
Purifying water - it can be done without a Katadyn
The Retreat Pantry - Old Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard to get...a year's supply of food
The Self-sufficient Retreat - how to plan and run a "retreat"
FEMA 215 - Emergency Food and Water Supplies
Perimeter Defense Primer - defending your retreat
Nuclear War Survival Skills - by Cresson Kearney; This book originally published at: Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine and Homeland Civil Defense. (stored on another site after traffic overloaded the Outlands on 15 Feb)

Emergency Medical Services

The Virtual Naval Hospital has a number of goodies (sorta) available for our perusal. I don't want to get specific, lest word of easy access reach the webmaster and we lose said access...suffice it to say these links get you straight to what you want. (nothing in the "not for public distribution" category, mind you)
- the NATO Emergency War Surgery Handbook
(how many ppl *bought* this book last year when they could have d/led it for free???)
- Hospital Corpsman 3 & 2 (this is the "low-end" of the Corpsman, 3rd Class & 2nd Class)
- Corpsman 1st Class and Chief (higher than 3&2)
- Medical Management of Biological Casualties
download a self-extracting copy that you can carry on a floppy, courtesy The Outlands WebStead crew
- Medical Management of Chemical Casualties
- Flight Surgeon's Handbook

Other 'Sites:

*tons* of survival info; once you finish poking around The Outlands, you should go here and poke around.
The Frugal Squirrel -
includes "The Survivalist's Library" with tons of free downloads!
The Widening Gyre -
good UK-based site; lots of good files, but some "dead-end" links

Survival Suppliers

wide array of stuff: military surplus, ammo, outdoors clothing, tools, electronics, cookware...
[free catalogs]
I get a new catalog almost weekly; good prices, good service
The Survival Center -
lots of books; pre-packaged foods; grain mills; more in their catalog
[$$ catalog]
Hunting Gear That's Cheaper Than Dirt
gun parts, ammo, military surplus, knives
[free catalog]
Sarco, Inc. -
military-oriented books, gun parts (and parts and parts and...), military surplus
Tapco -
gun parts, ammo, military surplus, knives