...Now The "What"

"Support the Chinese Underground - buy an SKS and bury it!" -unknown

From: FyrRsqOne

with comments by: (1) Carl A. (Bart) Stiles and (2) Kynvelyn

Thanks to all of yours comments I now have a revised Cache list. Please feel free to take a look and see your ideas in place and a few I came up with. Also willing to take some more constructive ideas to fine tune it one last time. Thanks and Be Safe...

Proposed Cache for a minimum of three days (72 hours) usage to allow time to get to primary resources with ability to be used for longer period if required. Access to water and alternative food sources should not be a problem in this geographical area.
Note: All items stored in individual plastic bags. Cache serviced once a year to replace food/ammo/meds/batteries.

1 Combo .22/410 (Allows greater variance then a straight .22)
150 .22 rounds (1) I think since this is a buried cached, I would tend to up the ammo a few rounds. .22 is not large, and a few more boxes may fit in when it is all said and done.
25 .410 Shells #4 Shot (1)Here is your 'bulk' in ammo, but I think you have the .410 ammo dialed in there. Maybe a few more slugs would fit later on. Definately would work for emergency defense against MOST Earth creatures. The slugs would be really nice to have a few more of.
10 .410 Shells Slug
10 .410 Shells 00
1 Leatherman type tool (Gerber Multi-Tool)
1 Bowie Type Knife (K-Bar)
1 Sharpening Stone
1 Flexible Saw (1)Try a 'Sven' saw as they pack small and do not easily break, but they will still allow you to cut large trees. Wire saws simply break after 5 minutes of use.
1 Bottle multi-purpose (3 in 1) oil
1 Flashlight, AA (Mini-Mag)
4 Batteries, AA (1) Ok I think I would do the same with the batteries. Add a few more to the cache.
2 Bulbs, Flashlight, Mini-Mag (1)I noticed you have two extra bulbs and I know mini mag bulbs are small, but you dont have enough batteries to really be worried about burnt out bulbs.
4 Candles (plumber type)
1 Small Radio (AA) (2)On the subject of radios. I have a very small one that uses little headphones that plug into the ears. I wear a single earphone and have an ear open to hear the environment. A radio speaker can be heard quite a ways off in a quiet woods. If you need the magnet, you can snip off one of the ear plugs and still have one that works.
5 Spare Flints for Zippo type lighter
1 Bottle Lighter Fluid
1 10' Duct tape (wrapped around water bottle)
1 25' Para Cord (1) I might up the length of the para cord as well. I know cause I just ran out yesterday, and had to get more. Definately had what I thought was enough, but its incredible what you can do with that stuff. Make sure you get the type with 7 to 10 individual fibers in the center of the core.
1 Compass
1 Local Area Map (Waterproofed) (1)You might want to throw in a few common highway maps or State or USA map.
1 Generic Dark Colored Nylon Shoulder Bag (waterproofed)

Personal Hygeine

2 Large, lawn type Trash Bags (Black or green)
1 Sheet of plastic 10' x 10'
1 Emergency Blanket
1 Towel
1 Bar Soap
1 Bottle Bug Repellent
1 Bottle Foot Powder
1 Roll Toilet Paper


1 Poncho
1 Pair boots/Spare Socks (1) Triple up on the socks. No feet, no move. I suggest natural wool actually, even in the summer. Good place to throw in some moleskin or mole foam too. Small and fits anywhere. Spenco second skin is small too and great to have for emergency hot spots on your feet.
1 Set of clothes (Dark colored [not cami])
1 Hat (Bush type)


1 Mess Kit
2 Water Bottles (1 Quart)
1 Metal Cup (Sierra)
1 Spoon (Large) (1)Trust me on this one, throw in several extra disposable spoons.
1 Roll Aluminum Foil
1 Bottle Water Purification Tablets
1 Rice small bag (in mess kit)
1 Dried Split Peas small bag (in mess kit)
2 Packages Raman noodles
1 Salt (in mess kit)
1 Sugar (in mess kit)
1 Bottle Multi-Vitamins
1 Tobacco Can w/Tobacco (1) Definately think before you light up. I can smell tobacco a long way in the wilderness. I agree in packing smokes though. We dont need a nicotine fit now do we? I think stress should be combated with familiar practices.
1 Spare pack Rolling Papers
4 MRE's
1 Pint Whiskey (Jim Beam) (1) Think about this..... If you really need that emergency drink, and there is only one bottle of hootch left, why not drink Everclear? Not only that, you now have an emergency fuel source, and a serious disenfectant. Yes it tastes like hell, but this is Survival right? Probably goes good with the grape drink from MRE's.
1 Bag of Hard Candy (1) Ahh, here is the sugar for that long walk. Its amazing how much longer you can travel while eating a pepermint or a butterscotch.


1 First Aid Kit
1 Fishing Kit
1 Snare Kit
1 Fire Starting Kit
1 Sewing Kit
First Aid Kit
1 Military Trauma Bandage
1 Triangular Bandage
1 Roll Gauze 1 1/2"
10 Band Aids
1 Tube Neosporin
1 Bottle Iodine
1 Tweezers
5 Razor Blade's
2 Female Hygiene Pad (Great Trauma dressing)
1 Roll Medical Tape
10 4x4 Gauze Pads
1 Needle
1 Bottle Aspirin
1 Ace wrap 3"
2 Safety Pins

(1) Few suggestions, throw in some butterfly bandages or cat gut. Also see above about moleskin or second skin. One last suggestion would be some antibacterial soap like Phisoderm or similar and a wash cloth or two. Then you could ditch the bar of soap from above.

(2)In your med kit, pack a tube of ora-gel. Not just for a toothache. The stuff works on any wound or blister. If you ever have a gash that needs stitches, the ora-gel can be used to numb the area while you sew yourself up.

Fire Starting Kit (Film Canister)
1 Small Lighter (Bic) (1)Thank you!!!! I see the light now. Once again, I would get several of these for the Cache. It will set you back a big $3.00, but its nice to have several lighters in your equipment.
1 Set of Matches (waterproofed) and Striker
1 Small Piece of Sandpaper (1) Waterproof the sandpaper as well or use wet/dry paper Automotive sanding paper)
1 Small Magnifying Glass
1 Cotton balls
1 Piece of Steel Wool

(1) How about a few trioxane bars? Or Hexamine tablets? Wet rotten wood that you will find is not easy to get going with cotton, or a candle. The lighter fluid or Everclear would help, but you really need a prolonged heat source.

Snare Kit
3 Small cable Snares with lock tabs
2 Large cable Snares with lock tabs
2 Spare Lock Tabs
1 Length Piano Wire

(1)I like this idea. Snares make a lot of sense. Piano wire can be bent right? Or is it like spring steel? If it can be bent, I could find a lot of uses for it.

(1)Maybe you could drop in a length of surgical tubing, for both a solar still drinking straw and an emergency slingshot.

Fishing Kit (Film Canister)
10 Hooks varying Sizes
1 100' fishing line 15lb
2 Small Bobbers
5 Plastic Worms (no time to dig for them)
Sewing Kit (Film Canister)
10 Needles varying sizes (Leather Needle)
1 Roll heavy thread
1 Roll light thread (Sutures) (1)I see you have though this through. ;) Cat gut or Ethilon comes with the Curved needle attatched and in small foil packets as well as being sterile.
5 Razor blades
1 Threader
1 Piece of Silk (to magnetize needles)