Here's another example of what one family did for a one-year food storage program. I think this was another post I can chalk up to Ellen.


By Doris O'Connell
"the frugal tightwad website"
YEARLY FOODS I (This is what we do & given as example only).

This is not for the unmotivated! Canning, preserving, freezing & drying is time consuming, tiring & probably even boring for some. For those that persevere, the rewards are MANY! A full pantry with a year's supply, exercise gotten from the gardening & preservation & $ savannas for the budget that can multiply the actual income many times.

Please don't feel that you should do this or have to do this & if you do start, go slowly! Maybe even 1 batch of jam the first year & then if you like doing it then go further, but build up gradually. Again, this is not for everyone.

We utilize our dehydrators to the max & they have served us well. The few herbs or spices we do not grow are bought from a natural food distributor thru our co-op. Everything we grow is done without chemicals, we are organic gardeners.

Large packages of anything in the freezer is a NO NO here. Everything goes into the freezer either in portion or meal sized packages. Preferably in portion sizes as it's easier & also less apt to have wastage. Every item is well wrapped, labeled, dated & added to the inventory sheets on top of the chest freezer. My daughter has taken it one step further & wraps each hot dog & sausage individually, then places them in a plastic container or Zip Lock bag, a method we are adapting to other things as well since there are only 2 of us now. Our freezer sheets were produced on the computer & then put inside a page protector. Then with a wax pencil it is easy to add to the inventory or remove it quickly with a quick rub of the finger on the lumberman's count. I do use IIIII IIIII instead of the usual IIII with the back slash from the first thru the fourth. It is quicker & less apt to get messed up. The simpler you keep things the easier it becomes with large quantities.

Additional Things:
Our cleaning & survival shelves contain the following:

Our pantry is in the process of being redone totally, so right now the emergency supplies are scattered & the food that is usually stored in the pantry is tucked in anywhere we could fit it. Our pantry has been our survival tool that gotten us thru several natural disasters & many times of financial hardship. As soon as the pantry is finished we will be stocking it up & enjoying the organization VERY much.

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