The Armory

And He said to them, "...and if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one."

There's more to survival weapons than just guns. In fact, mankind got along for quite a few years before gunpowder was ever used. You may find yourself in a situation without a single firearm. Knowing how to make and use "primitive" weapons under such circumstances could mean the difference between life and death.

Archery - sending "pointy sticks" downrange
the gunrack - my suggestions on a "survival battery" for all occassions
Freedom's Last Stand - why we should be an armed society
Semi's for The End Of The World - an argument in favor of semi-auto's over bolt-actions
Accuracy Basics - a brief primer; sent to me by a friend and I have no idea of the originator, but it *looks* like it came from the Rec.Guns website
Tune Your Mini-14 - 3 areas where you can do a little work to improve the rifle's accuracy; again, a friend sent this to me
"Why your 1911 won't work!" - what you need to know and do to properly use your .45 1911 pistol; another forwarded article

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Other nifty sites to visit:

Rec.guns homepage and FAQ
This site is run as an adjunct to the usenet newsgroup rec.guns; lots of good general firearms info here.
Undernet #guns homepage - the topic is (loosely) guns and the chat is lively and in realtime
this site is dedicated to giving you more info on the regular denziens of the channel.
Gunman07's HomePage - one of the #guns denziens
great pro-gun 'site with plenty of links for pro-gun activists
Air cannon - using compressed air; safer than spud-guns using hairspray
Why an aircannon for survival? Consider this:
"A few days ago, I tossed a full beer can 400 yards ... Good tossing, I'm really getting a thrill out of this, as the objects you can toss is almost unlimited."
Think about it.
Now *this* place has it going! If you want a gun-part for a commercial firearm, I'd say start here.
If you are interested in older guns (mostly Mausers, surprise), you'd do well to check this place out. They do carry a few modern guns and their prices seem competitive.
Sturm, Ruger, and Co.
This is it, the Ruger homepage. How to get a replacement manual for a Ruger firearm, how to determine (roughly) when your Ruger was made, and much more!
Rugermania! - a branch of Wilson's World
They advertise gobs of Ruger accessories, in addition to new and used guns (all laws apply) - but the accessory and parts databases aren't available yet.
the Army Doctrine and Training Digital Library - Army Field Manuals online; some are restricted to active or reserve personnel only, requiring a user-id and password; lots of good stuff easily available to the public

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