From: Maureen Kuppe

Travis Steele wrote:
> 3. Does anyone have any suggestions for fake snow for a Hoth battle scene?

For my Hoth scene, I used white styrofoam sheets of which I sculpted the tops of into snowdrifts. I also sculpted pieces for a Wampa cave, a Rebel hanger and smaller ones for larger pieces of ice around the scene. I then painted white glue (craft glue called "Podgy") over the styrofoam. Before it dried (do a bit at a time), I sprinkled white glitter over it. The glitter I'm talking about is at craft stores, mostly around Christmas -- it's usually used for Christmas decorations... Anyway, once it dries, sprinkle some more (I like to use alot) to make more drifts and to fill in any cracks where the styrofoam pieces meet. I was able to use this technique not only on the "ground" of my diorama, but I also used the glued glitter on the walls of my Wampa cave and the Rebel hanger. I finished it off with a hot glue gun filled with "glitter" glue. I used it to create icicles in the cave and hanger (just pull down drips from the ceilings, and it creates great icicles!) After everything dried and I lit up the scene...well, the "snow" really looked good!(if I do say so myself). I also like to use liberal amounts of loose glitter so my figures' boots look like they are actually in snow. (I guess I have alot of experience with snow...up here in the Great White North..)

Anyway, good luck! I hope this gives you more ideas.


The Tantive IV

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