Worlds In Miniature

Modelling comes in near-innumerable shapes and sizes. There's no way one site can adequately cover the entire spectrum, so I'll be focussing on just the scales and genres that I personally work in or find interesting. Yes, this is going to be a personal "bragging gallery" where I show off my handiwork (once I get pics taken!), but I'll also be hosting tips, tricks, and techniques written by folks who are up to their elbows in their hobby. I've also got a long list of sites you may find worthwhile visiting. Again, these sites will be either of a "generic" nature for general modelling supplies or advice covering a wide range of topics or they will be specifically useful to my personal genres.

Enough intro - lay on, McDuff!

The Forgotten Force - action-figure customizing

Sand - modelling a sandy ground cover

Swamps - creating swamps

Snow - you guessed it, snowscapes

FineScale Modeler Magazine
Probably the best generic magazine available - covers everything but model railroads.
Marco Polo Imports
Importers & distributors of a wide range of kits and publications.
HobbyTown USA
Nation-wide retail outlets.
Meteor Productions
Roll Models
Discount distributor of various production lines.