The Forgotten Force is a loose alliance of modellers dedicated to working their arts in the plastic embodiments of Kenner's view of the Star Wars Universe. Why do such talented modellers pursue such a perverted path - one fraught with common-usage terms such as "boiling," "head-swapping," "cracking open the torso," and the like?

Let's face it - Kenner can not make figures to suit everyone. What one person loves in an action figure, another despises. Kenner can not make a figure of everyone's favorite "background character." Kenner can not read your mind and know the one figure you think must be made. A squad of stormtroopers are not going to all be caught in the exact same pose in real life.

Out of these sorts of trials and travails grew The Forgotten Force. This band of reckless, feckless customizers take captive any action figure they can lay their itchy fingers on. They work their nefarious arts upon them, regardless of the figure's lineage - vintage Star Wars, POTF2 Star Wars, Dragonheart, Johnny Quest, Godzilla, GI Joe, Star Trek. In the end, they add their individual, unique artistic interpretations to the Star Wars universe.

Some are mere dabblers - a couple of simple figures consisting of a new head or arm or perhaps a bit more daring in a repaint of an extra R2 unit. Others, though, are the more intense visionaries, creating new clothes from modelling compound, sculpting new heads to give their work diversity, dismantling limbs and repositioning them to give figures a new stance, working up entirely new figures from comics, novels, and role-playing games using the merest hints of visual or text references out of spare limbs, modelling compound, and metal, and even going so far as to create fake cards on which to mount their finished products, as though they were bought off the rack at a store. All, though, share in common the attitudes of dissatisfaction and yearning to see their dreams visualized.

Oh, yes - and a love of the places and people existing only "Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away..."

Who are these practicioners of such bizarre (and likely otherwise useless) arts? They are proud of their accomplishments and will not hesitate to promote themselves or their works. You may find them by following these links to view their creations. Please - let them know exactly what you think of how they have spent their time. Artists, even the demented ones, long for an audience.

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Did you like what you saw? Did your tour of the various displays awaken inside you that longing to set your vision down in the material realm? Want to learn more? Start with the Custom Action Figures FAQ. After you've read the "how-to" of figure customizing, look at the pics you liked and see where they applied the various techniques to their masterpieces. Then, think about that figure you've always felt should have been made. Start looking at the figures hanging on the pegs at your local toy store. You are on your way...!

The FF list is also a great place to pick up tons of useful tips, tricks, and techniques. As interesting topics are discussed, I'll be working to collate them and make them available here for your easy reference and perusal.

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