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FF-index of sites (in no particular order):

(other than mine first...!)
Site:Owner/Maintainer:other comments:
The Outlands GalleryOutlanderno pics yet!
Decipher's Star Wars CCGDecipher Gameslots of good reference photos here!
Derek R. Anderson's Fantastic PlasticDerek Anderson
"Burkehall's Customs"Andrew Burke...or is it Burkehall?
...or Burke-Hall?
PrecEisley Vintage Customising WebpageJeremy Beckett
The Purple DemesnesPurple Dave
JM and Jeremy's XtreamForce Page(REDONE)JM and Jeremy, maybe?
Spirit of the ForceJared Leeteriffic ezine for SW figure-junkies!
The NEW Customizing the Star Wars UniverseJared Lee
The Bounty HunterBounty Hunter Mike
Steve's Star Wars CustomsSteve Johnston
My custom action figures Soul Wind
Kevin's PageKevin George
Aaron's pageAaron Wyant
The Tantive IVMaureen Kuppe
Red 6's Definitive Star Wars EncyclopediaBrettThis is a great sight with lots of good pictures.
CUSTOMIZING FAQScotty MironThis is Matt Rardon's FAQ about customizing that you received when you joined the listserver. Scotty Miron's version is very readable, and in web site format for browsing.
Jimbob-Wan's Image DepotJimbob-Wan
The Imperial GalleryErik Schroeder
JD's CantinaJD Dolan
The `Zilla WebBRADZILLAincludes a chat-room feature
WiseAcresPhilip Wise*loads* of customs here, plus links to more sites!
WiseAcresPhilip Wisemisc. SW links, helpful to customisers
Jaba's Main PageDan Konkolylots of graphics/animation; took a while to load, so hang with it
Assassin's CornerBill Lawrenceclosely linked to Jaba's site above
Chuck's Custom Star Wars CardsChuck Mutchnice personal freeze-frame (kewl gun!), but no links other than an email one??
Grand Admiral Ng's CustomsMichael Ngcustoms based on RPG by WEG
The Star Wars Custom GalaxyJason Domagalskihas some animation that increases download time
Custom made action figuresStephen T. Chester
Jeffrey's Midnight Toy PortalJeffery
Custom Creations From The Lightside Of The Midnight Toy PortalJefferyFeaturing the Custom Creations of Wisconsin Customizers
Jabba's Holotable WebsiteDarrell
no name yetJedi-pimp
no name yetGeorge
Yag'Duhl StationSylviacustom made SW figures, fanfiction, SWCCG and more
no name yetunknowna makeup guys perspective on the making of Star Wars
no name yetPhil Waldchen
no name yetTony Chalena?

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