George Lucas gave us a marvelous universe in 1977. Since that time, we fans have made Star Wars our own. How? Through games, fan fiction, costuming, model-building, and various other art-works we have molded the universe of an evil Empire and heroic Rebels to fit our own visions. It means something different to each one of us, and we show it. Here, then, is my humble offering of a road-map to the more noteworthy locations in that wondrous realm...

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LucasFilmthe Official site
Decipherthe SW card game - excellent photo archives
Kennertoys and sneak previews of toys
Galoob...I'd like to cash my paycheck in toys, please...
West End Gamesrole-playing in the Star Wars universe
order on-line! big sale!
"The Outlands" deep-space transfer stationfan-generated gaming material
The Outlandscustomizing action figures
Build Your Own Boba Fett Costume
by Mark Bradley
what more can I say? awesome site
Starship Modeller
by John Lester and Rob Caswell
"A complete resource for the sci-fi and space kit builder."
the site certainly lives up to its promise
SW Modelling Alliancehomemade cgi, some OK, some great
SW Technical Commentaries
by Curtis Saxton
Lots of stuff, painstakingly researched.
Star Wars Galaxy magazineThey don't have any of their Star Wars cards up, but they do have their Galaxy and Collector covers online.
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