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I first heard about CS on the "misc.survivalism" newsgroup during one of my numerous attempts at keeping up with that list. Well, I had seen it advertised as a "survivalist antibiotic" before in American Survival Guide by distributors trying to sell rather high-dollar generators and some of the claims associated with the products made me file CS in the "Things I need to eventually look into" category. A post by Marsha in misc.surv accelerated my introduction to CS. She made a case for CS based on her personal experience. She was, predictably, attacked with some vehemence by some individuals in that forum. She answered their attacks calmly, rationally, directly, and factually. I needed to talk to this person.

She introduced me to the silver list (see below) and even talked me thru setting up my own CS generator - including sending me some wire to get started. The claims she made for CS were echoed by many on the 'list. I started making CS in the middle of May ('98) and can add my own personal anecdotal support to the use of CS as an antibiotic. How does it work? Beats me. I've heard the silver binds with the metabolic enzyme in single-celled organisms, essentially suffocating them. Right? Wrong? Over-simplified? Beats me - I just know the stuff works. On everything.

I use it both externally on wounds and internally on illnesses. Wounds treated with CS have healed faster and with less scarring than wounds treated with anything else. Illnesses like colds and flu have either been totally avoided or ran a much shorter, less severe cycle. I've used it in inflammed eyes, infected ears, burns, gashes, sunburn, sore teeth - it works.

If you are responsible for anyone's health care, by all means read the following info. You owe it to them to know as much as you can about anything that might help them.

A friend and fellow prepper (and brother Marine) has recently made available his personal plans for making your own colloidal silver generator. He has graciously allowed me to make his work and words available to you my loyal readers via my website.

Greetings and welcome to the silver-list. This FAQ will give you a brief introduction to the world of Colloidal Silver and an overview by way of a few decent web sites.


First, please understand that a *lot* of what you'll find online about colloidal silver (CS) is imprecise, unscientific, and hype. There are almost no controlled studies of any kind. There is precious little objective data to back up even the most fundamental claims.

Also, there is a backlash against colloidal silver from "debunkers" who will do everything in their power to scare you away through exaggeration and fear. They dismiss *all* favorable evidence and results in apparent overreaction to the plentiful CS hype. Their claims do not hold up in the face of readily available facts.

Most of the information you receive will be anecdotal testimony, to be taken on faith or common sense until you can verify it yourself. And be forewarned, you'll find yourself rubbing shoulders with advocates of every kind of "alternative" medicine, from time honored to wildly speculative.

What persists, when all is said and done, are the compelling accounts of people who have successfully treated some very serious conditions. They are not trying to sell you anything, but only want others to be helped as they have been. It is these people that have made me want to discover the truth about colloidal silver.


A good jumping off point is this article by Peter Lindemann which lays the groundwork and points out some of the mythology that confuses the issue:


These sites are good sources of CS information and low voltage direct current CS generators:

A variety of more sophisticated high-voltage AC and DC generators are offered by:


It's easy and inexpensive to build your own CS generator. Plans and instructions as well as kits and pre-wired units can be found at these individuals' web sites:



When you browse these sites you will inevitably find conflicting information about different products or methods. Especially, many vendors will claim their products are "unique" or "superior" or the "only safe and effective CS." Take such claims with a grain of salt!

There are also many other sites and resources. In no way do I wish to imply by the inclusion or exclusion of any site that this is the best there is. Nor do I endorse everything, or necessarily anything, you will find at these sites.

I hope that exploring these sites will give you an idea of what CS is, how it is made and used, and some of the issues that are being debated among different vendors and experimentors.

If you have more questions or need help getting started, feel free to ask for help on the silver-list.

The silver-list is a moderated, non-commercial forum for discussion of Colloidal Silver and related topics. We steer clear of religious and political topics, and stay close to our central mission of learning about CS, helping interested newcomers get started, and supporting our efforts to be healthier.

Thank you for reading this far. I hope to get to know you on the list.

Be well,

Mike Devour
silver-list owner

*** DISCLAIMER: I'm not a doctor and I don't dispense medical advice. None of the materials spoken of or referenced here are intended to take the place of the advice of a competent professional. If you choose to experiment with any of the concepts, products, materials or procedures found in any of the above, you are solely responsible for ascertaining their safety and suitability and seeking professional opinion before proceeding.

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