Colloidal Silver Generator

How to make your own Colloidal Silver Generator

Radio Shack Parts

Purchase batteries from any source.

The directions I send out are:

Bore two holes for the jacks on two inch centers centered on the bottom of the box. put the jacks in the box from the outside with the nuts going on the inside. Put a couple drops of super glue on the nuts to keep them from working loose. There are little ridges on the inside of the box along the sides that must be cut out to make room for the batteries. I use a wood chisel to remove the ridges.

The battery clip must be cut in half. Spread the red and black wires apart as much as possible in the black plastic clip housing and cut between then with the chisel or sharp knife. Solder the red wire to the terminal on the red jack and the black wire to the black terminal and bend both terminals down flat. Put a piece of duct tape over the terminals to keep them insulated from the batteries. Snap the battery clip wires to the taped together battery pack as shown in the generator battery hook-up .jpg and fasten the cover on the box.

Solder one 1/8" wide by 28 ga. by 3-3/8" long .999 pure silver plain flat bezel or .999 pure silver14 ga. wire into each of the two plugs. Under no circumstances should you use sterling silver. You can order pure silver from:
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Michael, maybe you can make a link to this site: "A Closer Look" by Peter Lindemann. [This link is also available on the first page] This is one of the better sites to get an idea about what Colloidal Silver is and does. The generator in the .jpg is basically the same as the CS 300 on the website less the Led that indicates when batteries are getting low. The CS 300 uses 3 mini 12 volt batteries that are good for ten 8 oz. batches and mine uses 4 nine volt batteries that last over a year making one batch a week. The silver is the same identical size, 1/8" by 28 ga. by 3-3/8 length. The CS 300 costs $99.00 and mine costs about $8.22 less the batteries with the Radio Shack parts.

How to make Colloidal Silver and how to make a cup to brew it in.

Take a small plastic pop bottle and fill it with a measured eight ounces of water and mark all the way around the water level on the bottle with a Marks-a-lot. Next mark the bottle all the way around from 1-1/4 to 1-3/8 above the water line. This is where you cut the top of the bottle off.

The Generator will rest on top of the cup with the electrodes plugged in and hanging in the 8 ounces of distilled water. The top of the silver should show just above the surface of the water. The silver bends easily so try to keep the two electrodes parallel.

It takes 21 minutes of brewing time to make 8 ounces of Colloidal Silver. After about 15 or so minutes you will see a black residue forming on one of the electrodes. Remove the generator and wipe the electrodes off with a paper towel or piece of linen and replace in the brew. Some people use a scotch brite but I feel it wears out the silver faster. I have always taken about an ounce and a half a day, letting each sip rest under the tongue for a few moments.

Swishing the Colloidal Silver around in the mouth in most cases will stop a tooth ache and or gingivitis. You can use it on cuts and scrapes to stop infection also. Use it as a preservative for jerky, water storage, canning and what ever else you can think of. Like has been said over and over on the internet, the pioneers put silver in their water kegs to keep algae from growing and on the silver list some folks did their own testing to see how long a glass of milk could sit in a warm spot (on top of the refrigerator) before going sour with colloidal silver in it. In most cases it was six to seven days compared to two days for the untreated milk.

Just out of curiosity for your own benefit, you can test the difference by making 8 ounces each from steam distilled water, plain distilled water and regular tap water. With most regular distilled water and all tap water a white cloud will form coming off the silver and the white cloud is comprised of toxins due to the other minerals and chemicals. If you are not able to find steam distilled water, a health food or grocery store may order it for you. You may have to hold a flashlight behind the cup in order to see the golden tan color coming off the silver after about 15 minutes. On mine, there is an almost imperceptible yellow color to the finished product and there will also be a vague metallic taste to it. Rarely, but sometimes a person first starting on colloidal Silver will have a mild diarrhea for two or three days. I do not know what effect Colloidal Silver will have on a person that is allergic to silver. I wouldn't want to try that.

Test tube tests have proved that colloidal silver will kill anthrax however since anthrax is a fast acting disease you should already have the colloidal silver built up in your system. The main function of colloidal silver is that it is a super antibiotic and it will build up the immune system. One of the claims is that colloidal silver will kill the aids virus but I have yet to see any confirmation on this.

Due to FDA Rules and Regulations, no claims for cures by Colloidal Silver can be made and most websites have a disclaimer stating that Colloidal Silver is to be used for research only. The Burn Center in Seattle is using Silver impregnated bandages and it promotes healing, less pain and less scarring.

Thanks, Harv! This last paragraph *might* be a little outdated, as the FDA is finally starting to comply with court requirements to back off of their prosecution (persecution?) of testimonials for "alternative healthcare" resources. Isn't an enforced Freedom of Speech wonderful?"