Alternative Health

Why do I include "Alternative Health" information on a homesteading/survival web site? It's my opinion that "alternative" health-care practices are an integral part of the "homesteading philosophy" of increased self-reliance and the "survival philosophy" of "what can I do with what I have on-hand?" In both cases, professional medical treatment may be non-existant or so distant as to be unavailable. The more we rely on what we know, rather than on what we have, the less likely we are to give up and succomb to events around us.

Aromatherapy introduction
Homeopathic medicine
Herbal Therapy
Hazardous Herbs
Herbal Recipies
Gastro-Intestinal disorders and natural treatments
Relaxation and Meditation as therapy
The above "Nature Medicine" essays are here courtesy Roxy Johnson - visit her Alternative Health page for other good information and tons of links.
Colloidal Silver - home-made antibiotic

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The Alternative Health Approaches Forumgreat site for info on colloidal silver and Bare/Rife "Zappers;" informational and commercial