Information Center

(updated 2/17/1999)

From: Ellen

Ellen has done a tremendous job of gathering and sorting sites into categories. Be advised, some sites appear in multiple categories. (for an example, see the several "generators" listings under "Alternative Energy") Thanks, Ellen, for your time and effort!

Okay, well, folks; here's a different kind of list. (I'm hoping people are not "list"ed out.)

This "Information Center" was created to provide an information resource for people who might need information on *any* y2k-related subject.

I have been gathering sites for several months --- sites that I have been to, sites that others have suggested, and so forth.

After checking things out a bit, I have decided that there are enough links on this list to get pretty much any information that people need. Thus, I doubt I will be updating this the way I/we have the PSC list. There is too much else for me to do, especially heading into the Spring. Anyway, here it is, folks. (Although, of course, I reserve the right to update it; 'cos sometimes I just can't stand things to get stagnant! :)

If anyone wants to let me know about anything obviously missing that could be on here and would help for people to have, feel free to let me know.

I also REALLY hope I don't offend anyone by missing a site that they posted. Please don't take offense; I have simply been doing the best I can to sort into subjects, cross reference, and alphabetize. Anyway, here goes.

Convincing Yourself About Y2K or Remotivating Yourself

(Sorry to disappoint, but I won't tell you or pretend that any of these will convince anyone else! :)

Getting Started

Alphabetical Listing of Y2k Topics

Alternative Energy---Information










Bread Making

Brining/Salting/Potting Meat

Butter, Making

Candle Making

Charge Controls


Chat Rooms for Discussing Y2K

Codes on Canned/Packaged Foods


*Amateur Radio License Info

*CB Radios

*Community Plans

*Ham Info

*Ham Practic Exam

*Locating a Ham Club in Your Area

Community Building

Cooking Primitively

Cooking with Dutch Oven

Dehydrating Foods

Dehydrating, Solar

Dental Self-Sufficiency

Diatomaceous Earth --- General Info