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Riding The Storm Out
Tuesday, 2 September 2008
broke out the power supplies
Mood:  lucky
Dun Coille checking in again...

Pulled out the s'urban battery and the monster inverter (2000/4000 peak) to run the laptop.  Turns out the 100w baby was too small.  Water remains out, as does power.  Power, taken out to the town (and I suppose the water system?) by a single tree?, is expected to be restored around 2300 hrs tonight.  Hopefully that restores water, as well.  No damage to the houses on the hill here, and no major effects on the trees, only dead branches being knocked loose.

It is still raining.

My buddy, evac'd up from Lafayette, got called back to work today.  Seems his airport is now the central hub for military air - since Baton Rouge and Lake Charles airports seem to have run out of fuel.  So, he has to work his way back through pretty much the reciprocal path of the storm.  *sigh*

Posted by outlands at 1:22 PM EDT

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