First Annual Roc Day Festival
St. Distaff's Celebration of Spinners
January 16, 1999 in Historic Huntsville Texas

Sam Houston Weavers and Spinners Guild has received funding for a Roc Day Celebration from the Huntsville Arts Commission, to be held on January 16 at the Sam Houston Museum Complex. There will be vendors with a full range of spinning and weaving merchandise, fashion shows, programs, and contests, all currently in the works. Additionally, there will be a parallel workshop with Diane Bentley, recipient of COE in spinning from HGA on designer yarns. The charge for the workshop will be $30. Other programs and activities are free(not counting your purchases!)

On Friday, January 15, there will be an all-day Teacher's Workshop on natural fibers, spinning, felt making and off-loom weaving, which will also be free of charge.

A special luncheon is being planned for Saturday at the Homestead Restaurant, which is located adjacent to the Sam Houstom Museum and Park in Log Cabins dating from the mid 1800's, surrounded by magnificent pecan and magnolia trees. Menu and prices are not finalized at this date but will be in the vacinity of $15 per person, all inclusive.

Plan to come early and spend the week-end in Historic Huntsville for this fun-filled event. Shop the antique district, visit historical homes, stroll the beautiful grounds of the Museum complex with Sam Houston's homes and Museum store.

For more information contact:
Tamara Chasteen - 409-294-9606
or Bette Sutton - 409-291-7090