I'm sorry I wasn't able to get this notice posted in time for any of my Idaho readers to make it to the rally mentioned in the article. I'm hoping the rest of the info will still be valid and useful to anyone who wants to pitch in and help.

Topic: White Water


S.O.S. Idaho
11-19 Citizens to Save Our State 



Citizens get support from Governor Elect Dirk Kempthorne, Reps
Helen Chenoweth, Mike Simpson and Senator Larry Craig.

November 19, 1998

"On behalf of S.O.S. Save our State, Citizens of the State of Idaho,
citizens of the State of Idaho are standing up for Idaho's
Constitutional State Rights.

Our land and water rights are under attack. This movement is more
highly organized, more powerfully promoted and more cleverly disguised
than ever before and they're using Idaho's own tax dollars against us." 

"There has been much reported on the grizzly bear and road closures
but that is only a symptom of a much larger problem. 

This problem is so large it affects all of us the some way, shape or form. 

This attack is coming from the executive branch of the federal
government by way of Executive Orders and mandates. It's coming from
the United Nations organizations such as IUCN (International Union for
the Conservation of Nature).

It's coming from federal agencies such as the National Forest Service,
the National Park Service, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the EPA,
and the Department of Agriculture. 

It's also coming from special interest groups in our own back yard such
as the Greater Yellowstone Coalition, the Henry Ford Foundation and
the Sierra Club.

It manifests itself in road closures, road obliterations, land shutdowns,
land use restrictions, overbearing and crushing regulations, higher taxes,
loss of jobs, loss of industry, loss of recreation, banned access to
renewable resources, stiffer building codes, increased fees and that's
only the beginning.

Approximately 2/3 of Idaho is already under federal agency control and
now they want more!

This Biodiversity map of Idaho shows that approximately 95% of Idaho
is slated for shut down with little to no human use - as indicated in red),
or severely restricted use as indicated in yellow. 

This is the Master Plan for Idaho. It's no longer a rumor, 
it's flat out fact.

It's based on treaties, mandates, assessments, agreements. We have the
documents, we have the pictures, we have the evidence, we have the
testimonies and we have the maps to prove it!

Farmers, ranchers, recreationalists, sportsmen, loggers, miners are
becoming the endangered species in Idaho and the private citizen
doesn't seem to be far behind.

Because of Federal Regulations, such as NAFTA, our farmers - the
very foundation of our economy - are being run out of business. This
year alone, some sources are predicting up to 1/3 the farmers in Idaho
may not be able to plant.

Some farmers have gotten less than 50 cents for a 100 lb sack of 

What a tradegy!

What a sad commentary on the situation in the State of Idaho!

The environmental movement hides behind science as the basis for their 

Much of their claims are based on pseudo science - false science - or
manipulated interpretations of science.

We've heard of the "endangered grizzlies" yet the newspapers tell us "It's
been years since there were as many grizzly bears in the Targhee as
there were this summer. . .and that was before the road obliterations had
any effect.

In the town of Parker, next to St. Anthony's, a grizzly was even eating
apples off trees. The paved roads in Parker didn't seem to bother him!

We hear the wolves are endangered, yet they are reported to be rapidly
repopulating while expanding to new territory and even attacking livestock.

They tell us we need to tear our dams out because they lead to low fish
counts, but few report on the heavy fishing and netting at the river mouths.

Did dirt roads with recreational traffic kill off or dramatically reduce 
the original bear, wolf, elk and bison populations?

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. It was a 
result of over hunting and mass slaughter mainly in the 1800s.

What was left of the various populations remain relatively stable.

The Greater Yellowstone Coalition has produced a publication called
"Incentives for Conserving Open Lands in Greater Yellowstone." This
document outlines how they plan to use our own taxes and resources to
take away or control our own land and water.

It's plans like this that threaten Idaho's future. 

Then talk of hypocrisy, they tell us we need to save the environment and
yet within a few short weeks the Forest Service caused more
environmental damage with the road obliterations than all the
recreational vehicles in U.S. might have caused in a hundred miles.

They tell us these obliterated areas will regrow and recover in four to
five years. If nature is that resillient, why are they so worried about the
regular citizens of this state visiting the forest?

Isnt it because the want power and control?

And, why are we banned from using or accessing renewable resources
like trees? To help conserve nature, it would seem we should rely more
heavily on renewable resources instead of non-renewable resources.

Contrary to public opinion any lands in the State of Idaho that were not
sold or ceded to the U.S. government are not the property of the federal
government or federal agencies. They may have been granted a
stewardship over the land, but it still belongs to Idaho.

Under constitutional law, Idaho has the right to tell the Forest Service
and other agencies what they can and cannot do!

Let's get our rights back. These rights are guaranteed in the Constitution.

The citizens of Idaho are ed up and they're ready to take action to
preserve their rights. This action must and will be peaceful ...


We are calling on all the citizens and leaders in Idaho to join with us.
Let's stand together!

There is a tremendous ground swell of grass roots support for this effort.
We have the momentum!

We also have the support of Governor Elect Dirk Kempthorne, 
Representatives Helen Chenoweth and Mike Simpson, and Senators Larry Craig 
and Mike Crapo.

The Forum begins Thursday, at 7 p.m. at the Civic Center (old
tabernacle) in Rexburg. It will be fun and exciting. Our State Rights are
dying...we want to resurrect them. We will fill a symbolic coffin with
Letters of Grievance and petitions.

We will unify our efforts and introduce a program that will give the
balance of power back to the citizens of the State of Idaho!

The Rally begins Friday morning at 8:00 a.m. in St. Anthony on the
corner of 4th North and 3rd East, near the Forest Service building.

We will form a procession to follow the coffin and travel to Pocatello to
present the letters and petitions to our Legislators.

Friday evening at 7 p.m. we will meet back at the Tabernacle in
Rexburg to hear DR. MICHAEL COFFMAN expound on and
document the outside invluences that are affecting all of us.

Many people are kept from the truth because they do not know' where
to find it! We will show you where you can learn for yourself.

There is power in an informed public!

Come and learn -!

Come to the Forum and Rally on Thursday and Friday and learn the real
truth behind the shocking evidences of land and water abuses all around us.

We need a show of numbers. Let's stand up and be counted! 

Our futures depend on it, now not tomorrow!

Thank you

S.O.S. Citizens to Save Our State!

Ladies and Gentlemen. This is just another warning that YOU MUST
BE INFORMED and be ready when these same tyrants in the name of
Environment ...come to your State.

To Contact Dr. Michael Coffman: (207) 945-9878. 

Get the map of your state. 

There are over 500 International and National environmental groups
given free passes and even immunity from prosecution by Bill Clinton
and Al Gore. --Signed by Clinton in January 1996. 

PROTESTS work wonders!