thanks to: Phyllis Hobson, "Drying Vegetables, Fruits, & Herbs"

The best way to store eggs is in the chicken. However, the ability to garner fresh eggs as needed may be curtailed due to numerous circumstances - backpacking and nuclear fall-out shelters come to mind rather quickly. For those purposes, you may want to consider dehydrated eggs. Bought from a camping-supply or disaster-supply store, this item will prove expensive. There is a solution - make them yourself.

Combine several eggs (half a dozen is a good figure) in a large mixing bowl and beat them until they are light. Pour the batter out onto a flexible cookie sheet in a thin layer. Dry in a warm oven. When batter is dry, break into pieces and grind into powder via a meat-grinder (finest blade), blender (highest setting), or grain mill. I suspect you could pound the pieces between two rocks, as well.

Egg yolks and egg whites may be separated and dried in the same manner as above.

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