Alternative Power Links

I haven't finished reviewing every site listed here, as you can see by a site having no "yes" or "--" entries in the columns. It will happen "one of these days," though, I promise.

Northwest Power Coyesyesyes
Jade Mountain
C. Crane - Solar Battery Charger
Energy Outfittersyesyesyesyes------
Northwest Energy Storageyesyesyesyesyes--yes
Campus Center for Appropriate Technologyyesyes--yesyesyesyes
Twisted Oak - Solar, Wind, Steam etc.yesyesyesyes----yes
simple solar/battery planyes----yes------
US Dept. of Energyyes------------
American Solar Energy Societyyes------------
Solar Power Link
Solar Energy Industries Associationyes------------
Solar Energy Internationalyesyes----------
AAA Solaryesyes----------
Synergy Power Corp.--yes----------
American Wind Energy Association--yes----------
Bergey Wind Turbines--yes----------
Four Windsyesyes--yesyes--yes
The Penren Windmill Book --yes----------
Air Blade Power Systemsyesyes--yes------
Southwest Wind Power --yes----------
American Windmills--yes----------
Hydroelectric Primer----yes--------
Battery FAQ ------yes------
Battery FAQ ------yes------
Ham Radio Use and Care of Batteries------yes------
Popular Mechanics - generator article--------yes----
Select the Right Portable Generator--------yes----
Generator FAQ via DejaNews
Home Power Magazine
J. R. Whipple's Self Reliance Pages
The Power Company, Inc.--------yes--yes
Sustainable Minnesota yesyesyes------yes
Old Tools
Sunsite's alternative energy indexyesyesyes------yes
ZZZAP Power yesyes--yesyes----
Sun Trek Energy - Specialsyesyesyes--------
Power 2000 ------yesyes----
World Power Technologies, Inc.yesyes----------
Steam Consultants----------yes--
Bio Diesel------------yes
Veggie Van - Fuel------------yes
Properties of Wood for Fuel------------yes
Wood Burning Hot Water Heaters

Energy-related News Groups

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