Land and Buildings

How much land do we need for...?
Building Methods - alternatives to brick or wood-frame
Log Cabins - a Popular Mechanics article on how to build them

Finding Land:

From: Pearl
Frugal by Choice

I've found a really good article about public land around the country. At the bottom of one of my web sites, I have a search engine. Go to the bottom of the page [and] enter "homesteading" in the search engine. There you will find the article. It gives names and addresses of the contact people of the states with land available - for a price. No free land anymore.

Low down-payment homes - information on Federal housing program, from a govt site
HUD homes - more info originally on a govt site
Ruralize Your Dreams - devoted to the book of the same name by Gene GeRue
Missile silos - the ultimate in climate-controlled storage and housing (for an entire town!)
Blast Shelter Plans - after mentioning missile silos, shelters seemed to be a logical next step
On-line land auctions - land around the country
SouthWest Farm Advisors - quality consulting services on USDA farm and farm credit programs
Yardi Systems - on-line real estate agent
Public Lands Title - claim govt land for $1 an acre! (read my comments first, tho)
Rural Development Mission Area - a USDA site

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