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I make no claim as to the safety of any information you may find on this site - everything here is offered "for entertainment purposes only - don't try this at home." If you blow yourself up, don't look at me.

This site was designed to be a place where viewers could find examples of "current wisdom" and "arcane lore" on homesteading and survival subjects. Books are great, but sometimes topics aren't covered properly or new ways of doing things arise after the book is printed or the book/magazine is out of print or just so old your library can't find a copy of it to lend you. Our internet-connected world is full of speciality newsgroups, mailing lists, and other electronic sources of information too new for most print media to cover. In addition, there are always stories of personal experience and general insight that stand little chance of seeing the light of printed day. My goal has been to make available to a wider audience those personal experiences and commentaries that touch on the subjects of Homesteading and Survival.

In selecting material to pass on to my viewers, I have made few editorial changes in the original pieces. Sharp-eyed readers may find misspellings and grammatical errors, in my own words as well as in the words of others. For my own errors, I apologize. For the errors of others, consider it part of their "charm," if you will.

Long before I started putting together a 'site, I was snagging graphics right and left without keeping track of where I got them. If you see a graphic on my 'site that needs to be attributed, please let me know so that I can pass on that info here. Suffice it to say, none of the artwork rendered herein is in any way my original work! (that is, beyond the photos of me and other members of my family)

People and web-sites that provided graphics used on this site include:

Decipher, Tony Case, Hasbro/Kenner, Starship Modeler, SW Modeling Alliance, Topps, Curtis Saxton, and Galoob (among others!)

Thanks to everyone who has so kindly allowed me to use their words here on my site. I try to properly credit those to whom it is due. If you see something on my site that is improperly credited or, worse!, not credited at all when it should be, please let me know so I can make the proper changes. As a writer, I am very touchy about others using my words without proper credit and I try to avoid infringing the copyrights of others.

A great big Outlands Thank You! goes to each of my contributors. Without them, this site would be much sparser!

Star Wars is copyright George Lucas or LucasFilm Limited or something like that
Star Wars RolePlaying Game is copyright West End Games, under license from LFL
GURPS is copyright Steve Jackson Games
certain images or portions thereof used on this site are property of:
Starship Modeller
West End Games
Steve Jackson Games

If I missed one, it should be rather obvious who it belongs to. The use of copyrighted/registered/trademarked material is in no way a challenge to the veracity of copyright ownership. The use of such images/materials on this site is for informational/entertainment purposes only. A gentle word goes much farther than a lawsuit and isn't nearly so painful.

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