From: Yoshi Martinez

Custom Tips:
I have found a great way to make removable saber hilts. What you do is find a lego piece that looks somewhat like this:

and drill the smallest hole you can in the E parts. then cut them off with a knife and glue that little piece to the end of your saber hilt. Next get a paper clip and bend it into a 90 degree angle and drill a hole into the figures waist. push the paper clip in and super glue it. Then you have a working removeable saber hilt.

Confused about finding that piece? I was... ask and ye shall receive...

From: Jer

>re: removable lightsaber hilt

>Yoshi, don't tease me like that! What set(s) can that little piece be
>found in? What color is it? etc, etc Do you have a pic of it?
>(hoping, here)

They can be found in Exploriens Lego sets (white Lego spacemen). The smallest set that it is available in is a two piece land vehicle with a trailer with a big transparent blue laser-type thing on it. It'll probably cost around $8 and you'd get 2 of the hilts Yoshi was talking about. Another useful piece of Lego is the flexible hose that comes with another Exporiens set. It's great for Luke Bacta Tank, and X-wing and TIE pilot chest pieces.

Thanks, Jer! You can visit Jer's PrecEisley customising site for lots more material.

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