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Kingdom of Los Paises Lejanos

Defense Ministry

V-4 Main Battle Tank

The Combined Armor Replacement Program - Generational brought together designers and manufacturers from Los Lejanos, Garrison II, and Echelon in a joint effort to create a tank capable of dominating the modern battlefield. The V-4 Main Battle Tank is the result of their collaborative efforts.

The footprint of the armored behemoth is some thirty feet wide by forty-five feet long, and stands just under eight feet tall. It weighs in at 171,930 pounds, of which some 97,000 is advanced composite laminate armor (depleted-uranium/ceramic/polymer) and second-generation reactive armor, effective against even kinetic-kill penetrators. The armor itself is rather radically sloped on all sides, leaving far less internal space than one would expect from a footprint of this size. The net result of this is an armored hide that is capable of standing up to repeated hits from a 140mm gun, even APFSDS and Depleted-Uranium rounds, without appreciable loss of protection.

It is armed with a 140mm main-gun in an unmanned turret, designed to be capable of firing radar-guided missiles. Secondary armaments include a coaxially-mounted 12.7mm machine-gun loaded with explosive rounds designed to strip away the Reactive Armor on opposing tanks, a universal commander's turret houses another linked pair of machine-guns and two lightweight surface-to-air missiles. An unusual feature on the turret is the anti-aircraft radar mast. This radar is coupled to an Automatic Target Acquisition System, which controls a series of what are essentially high-tech shotguns that ring the turret. This system, known as ARENA, is designed to shoot down incoming anti-tank missiles before they hit the armor.

The main gun and coax machine-gun are both stabilized, allowing "shoot on the run" capability, a necessity on the modern battlefield. Flash-suppressors are also fitted in an effort to reduce the firing signatures of the weapons.

Perhaps one of the most unique features is the power-plant. In a highly-unusual move, the Minister of Defense and King Ricardo both personally signed off on an export permit for what has been a State Secret for years - an advanced fuel-cell system. This is the first known instance of a Lejanos fuel-cell system being allowed outside the Heartland region since their initial development. This powerplant gives the V-4 a top speed of 52.5mph.

The V-4 is air- and water-tight, sporting an NBC defense kit allowing it to operate in toxic atmospheres for up to sixteen hours. With its sealed body and the fuel-cell that requires no external oxygen, the V-4 can crawl along the bottom of waterways unhindered. To aid in finding and hitting its targets, a number of electronic aids have been mounted, including light amplification, infra-red sighting system, thermographics, image enhancement, and an infrared laser rangefinder tied to the main gun. A pair of recoil-spades on the rear of the tank provide support for direct-fire missions from an entrenched or hull-down position, as well as providing another layer of armor. Two high-resolution targetting computers give the Gunner and Commander a refined degree of control over their weapons.

For crew protection that doesn't rely on armor, the tank sports infrared shielding, making it harder to find on thermographs. Three pair of hot-smoke projectors and a hot-smoke generator let the commander create his own "fog of war" to hide in. Finally, the crew can also deploy two self-inflating stationary vehicle decoys. Equipped with small heaters and em-generators, these decoys can draw an enemy's anti-tank fire away from the real thing, setting them up for a killing blow.

For utility, the tank mounts a standard military radio, an improved fire-extinguisher, and a surge-protector.

Vehicle Cost: Ar4,175,200 (USD$12,525,600)     weight: 171,930 pounds
Top Speed:  52.5mph   acceleration: 2.5mph to 20mph/5mph  deceleration:  20mph
crew: three - driver, gunner, commander
ammunition load-out:
140mm: standard HE 11; HEAT 15; APFSDS 10; HESH 10; Beehive 0; DPU 5; LRHSRGM 12
coax 12.7mm: 60 rounds explosive-tipped loaded
ARENA: 40 rounds loaded, 40 reloads
smokescreen: 10 loads hot smoke loaded
LADS 12.7mm: 20 rounds loaded/20 rounds loaded; 40 rounds stored ("rounds" - 1-second bursts)
LADS SAMs: 2 loaded

Hull (50%) - Front: 140/300(20%); Left: 75/150(10%); Right: 75/150(10%); Back: 75/150(10%); Hull Top: 40/80; Underside: 40/80
Turret (40%) - Front: 100/200(20%); Left: 75/150(10%); Right: 75/150(10%); Back: 50/100; Top: 40/80
Tread-skirts - 4/0

This vehicle was created using the rules from Car Wars:Tanks and, as far as I can tell, is a legal/valid design. The technology is not much removed from what is available today, either already being produced and fielded, or under development. If you want the spreadsheet of my calculations, feel free to TM me and I'll point you to a url.

This site maintained by the Outlands Defense Ministry. Special thanks to Gray's Harbor and to San Fernando for assistance in naming/numbering the units.