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How often does the president of a foreign nation call you and beg you to help quell anarchy and chaos in the streets?

When you are a member of the Outlands military, it happens quite a bit.

This time it was Texarnica's President Sidney Vicious. Totalitarian Soldiers forces had taken over his capitol and indeed most of the country in a surprise blitzkreig that shoved loyalist forces westward to the sea. President Vicious fled his country for Pax Island, knowing he would be safe there until the TS'ers were defeated. His call for help did not fall on deaf ears.

Nations immediately poured their militaries into the few remaining bastions of Texarnica's military stronghold. As the international coalition of forces rapidly built up, the TS leadership responded by using a highly-lethal chemical weapon on Olivia Island and the forces gathered there.

Thankfully, our boys were to the east, in St Ryanesia, opening a second front with San Fernandoan forces. We've put together a small scrapbook of photos taken during the liberation and subsequent peacekeeping deployment.

Arrival in Quivira, StR house-to-house fighting against TS forces in western Ryanesia
Sharpshooter scanning for sniper pinning down infantry advance AFV commander coordinating assault with infantrymen
Geronimo II tanks moving into eastern Texarnica Infantry processing locals during their advance
Manning a roadblock on the border after TS forces collapsed bio-attack drill after quarantine imposed

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