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"How to stake a mining claim" - that's what their ads need to read.

Was I gypped? No - I got an info-packet, as promised. Was I deceived? They didn't specify what kind of claims they were offering, so no, I wasn't really deceived. Am I disappointed? Yup.

I'm kinda miffed at the paucity of information I got in exchange for my $20. Odds are I could have spent an hour at the library and on the phone and gotten the same amount of information. Some of it appeared to be less-than-perfect photocopies of government indexes. Is the information useful? I'm not sure yet - I'm still trying to get over my irritation with them.

If, after I look into this info, I discover they are reselling material that is available in any decent library or on the 'net, I *will* write up my own version and make it available for free - especially if it is of any use at all.